OCR Legal Process

​Where can I locate information on how to petition the OCR for a new or altered crossing?

The OCR has jurisdiction to approve the establishment and alteration of a public highway railroad crossing under Wis. Stat. § 195.29. For information on materials needed and the OCR process, please click here​​.

What is the process for rehearing or appeal?

Please refer to the Notice to the Parties​​, for information on how to appeal an OCR decision or request a rehearing.

Where can I find a sample resolution?

Alteration of an at-grade crossing​

Alteration and improvement of an at-grade crossing

Closure of an at-grade crossing

Establishment of a new at-grade crossing

Exemption of an at-grade crossing​

Petition to determine adequacy of warning devices (signals)​

Rough crossing process​ and sample resolution​​

​How do I use the OCR electronic filing system (ERF)?​

The ERF Mini Upload​ is for municipalities electronic submission of filed documents and online access of these documents including those submitted in formal cases before the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads. This includes petitions and exhibits for railroad crossing alterations, changes, new crossings, adequacy of warning devices and rough crossings. ERF Mini Upload can be used for the electronic filing of intervention and data requests, testimony, comments, correspondence, legal briefs, exhibits, and motions. Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide​​ for instructions on how to upload documents, as well as on how to subscribe to a docket and how to search ERF.

We encourage users to open and upload documents using an individual ERF account rather than using the ERF Mini Upload. See the following link for instructions on ho​w to open an individual ERF account and upload documents to ERF: OCR ERF Instructions​.​​