ERF Quick Reference Guide

​*Note: all documents uploaded to ERF must be in .pdf format 

Upload a File using ERF – Mini Upload 

1. Start at the OCR’s homepage, 
3. Enter in Name, Email and Phone 
4. If your filing is a new docket select Non-Docket and a number will be established by OCR staff when the document is accepted. 
a. Utility numbers can be found here: 
5. If your filing is for an existing docket, select Docket and enter the docket number in the ​Docket ID 
6. Select a file to upload by clicking Browse and navigating to the appropriate file. 
7. Type in a meaningful description of the document in the Description box. To offer a docket Petition for the record, follow the format guidelines below. A Petition would normally be marked as Ex.-[party]-[witness]-[exhibit #1], i.e., Ex.-City-Miller-1.- Mark all attachments to the Petition as Ex.-[party]-[witness]-[exhibit # 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc.], i.e., Ex.-City-Miller-1-1, Ex.-City-Miller-1-2, etc. Each exhibit should be filed separately on ERF. 
8. Enter the code in the box, Click Upload 

Create individual Subscription to a Docket 

The EZ Subscription allows interested parties to receive email notifications when a document is uploaded to the docket.
1. Start at the OCR’s homepage, 
3. Enter the Docket ID and email address 
4. Type the code in the box 
5. Click Subscribe 

Locate Documents using ERF 

ERF allows users to search and view all documents related to OCR dockets. 

1. Start at the OCR’s homepage,​ 
3. Enter the docket number in the “Quick Single Docket Search” 
4. Click “Documents” 

If you have questions or problems, call 608-261-8221 or email​