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The primary focus of the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads is to ensure safety in the State of Wisconsin. Our main responsibility is to make determinations of the adequacy of warning devices at public railroad crossings along with other railroad related regulations.

Railroad traffic is booming in Wisconsin with higher speeds, increased frequency, and activation of additional rail lines. With this comes a greater need to spread the message about SAFETY. We do this by communicating with railroad companies, local governments, law enforcement and emergency management agencies, businesses, and citizens.

Our goal is to make railroad operations in Wisconsin as safe as possible. We encourage you to visit our website and contact us for any questions and concerns.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your railroad commissioner.

Yash P. Wadhwa, P.E.

The Office of the Commissioner of Railroads is the state agency with primary responsibility for making determinations of the adequacy of warning devices at railroad crossings, along with other railroad and water carrier related regulations. These duties include:

  • Installation of new highway/rail crossings
  • Alteration of existing crossings
  • Closing or consolidating existing crossings
  • Repair of rough crossings
  • Determining adequate railroad fences
  • Exemptions from railroad track clearance laws
  • Assist with rail safety initiatives and participate in community outreach


Wisconsin Railroads / Federal Rail Administration / Operation Lifesaver

Office of the Commissioner of Railroads
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