Hearings and Appointments

  • OCR hearings will be held on the first floor in Room S105 adjacent to the first floor lobby. Those wishing to attend or participating in an OCR hearing should allow at least 15 minutes before the scheduled hearing start time for parking and making your way to Room S105.​

  • Use the entrance located across from the parking garage. Upon entering, check-in at the security desk on the first floor adjacent to this entrance and proceed to Room S105. You will need to sign in, but because the hearing room is in an area accessible to the public, a visitor access badge is not required to access the hearing.

  • Allow up to 15 minutes before your meeting for parking and making your way to the OCR Suite on the sixth floor.

  • Use either the main entrance of the building (east facing entrance across from the grassy area) or the employee entrance (across from the parking garage) and follow signs to the security desk near the elevator lobby.

  • Check in at the security desk on the first-floor lobby near the elevators and receive your visitor access badge.

  • Scan your badge and enter through the security turnstile leading to the elevators

  • Once in the elevator, scan your visitor badge and press sixth floor.​

  • Once on the sixth floor, the entrance to the OCR Suite is located in the South Tower in room 633.​