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To comment on a case listed below, please click on the file comment hyperlink associated with the case.  All comments will be posted to the PSC's/OCR's Electronic Records Filing System (ERF).

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Additional Information
If you have questions regarding how to submit testimony or file a written comment in a docket, please contact the docket coordinator. Hearing or speech-impaired individuals may also use the Commission's TTY number; if calling from Wisconsin (800) 251-8345, if calling from outside Wisconsin (608) 267-1479.  Any person with a disability who needs accommodations to participate should contact the docket coordinator.

Case Comment Period Case Summary Case Documents Case Contact
Petition of the Village of Luxemburg for the Establishment of a Public Crossing of the Wisconsin Central Ltd. tracks with Frontier Road in the Village of Luxemburg, Kewaunee County
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05/28/2020 - 06/16/2020 9164-RX-912 View Docs
Heather Graves
Petition of Wisconsin Central Ltd. for the Relocation of 105th Street in the Town of Richmond, St. Croix County
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05/19/2020 - 06/08/2020 9164-RX-914 View Docs
Heather Graves
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