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9164-RX-879 - Petition of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for a Determination of the Adequacy of Warning Devices, Alteration and the Exemption of the Public Crossing of the Wisconsin Central Ltd. tracks with Webster Avenue in the City of Green Bay, Brown County
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Petition Received: 10/26/2017   Closed Date:

Petitioners & Subjects
 -  Alterations (Requested Completion 10-2019)
Exemptions (Requested Completion 10-2019)
Signals (Requested Completion 10-2019)

281391V  -  Webster AvenueCity of  Green Bay  (Brown County)

Docket Hearings
Amnicon Falls Hearing Room - 1st Floor
610 North Whitney Way
Madison, Wisconsin
and by phone
Green Bay City Hall
Room 310
100 N. Jefferson Street
Green Bay, WI

February 13, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.   
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