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9150-RX-614 - Petition of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for a Determination of the Adequacy of Warning Devices and the Alteration of the Soo Line Railroad tracks with Braun Road in the Village of Mount Pleasant, Racine County
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Petition Received: 12/11/2018   Closed Date:

Petitioners & Subjects
 -  Alterations

388018J  -  Braun RoadVillage of  Mount Pleasant  (Racine County)

Docket Hearings
Public Service Commission Hearing Room
Hills Farms State Office Building Room # S105
4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, Wisconsin
and by phone
Community Room #2
Mount Pleasant Village Hall
8811 Campus Road
Mount Pleasant, WI 53406

February 27, 2019 at 10:30AM   
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