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9040-RX-1341 - On the Commissioner’s Own Motion for a Determination of the Adequacy of Warning Devices and Exemption of the Union Pacific Railroad Co. tracks with Eddy Lane, Starr Avenue, Melby Street and Hogarth Street, in the city of Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Pumphouse Road and Main Street in the city of Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County, and 40th Avenue (Pederson Road) in the Village of Lake Hallie, Eau Claire County
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Petition Received: 03/21/2016   Closed Date:

Petitioners & Subjects
 -  Exemptions

185871U  -  Starr AvenueCity of  Eau Claire  (Eau Claire County)
185877K  -  Eddy LaneCity of  Eau Claire  (Eau Claire County)
185889E  -  Melby StreetCity of  Eau Claire  (Eau Claire County)
185937S  -  40th Avenue (Pederson Road)Village of  Lake Hallie  (Chippewa County)
185944C  -  Main StreetCity of  Chippewa Falls  (Chippewa County)
185949L  -  Pumphouse RoadCity of  Chippewa Falls  (Chippewa County)
187187R  -  Hogarth StreetCity of  Eau Claire  (Chippewa County)

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