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Railroad Real Estate Filings

Per Wis stat 190.11, every real estate transfer or lease, deed of trust, mortgage or satisfaction made by any railroad corporation must be filed with the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads. The Office of the Commissioner of Railroads will record the date of filing and maintain the documents filed. There is no longer a per page fee for railroad filings. Electronic filing of documents is now required. All documents must be saved as a pdf file and uploaded to the following website Railroad Real Estate Upload & Search

To search archived real estate documents please refer to the Index to reference volumes 1 -52 of the Secretary of State Railroad Mortgages, years 1857-1983. Find the links to the volumes below.

Volume 1 Volume 28
Volume 2 Volume 29
Volume 3 Volume 30
Volume 4 Volume 31
Volume 5 Volume 32
Volume 6 Volume 33
Volume 7 Volume 34
Volume 8 Volume 35
Volume 9 Volume 36
Volume 10 Volume 37
Volume 11 Volume 38
Volume 12 Volume 39
Volume 13 Volume 40
Volume 14 Volume 41
Volume 15 Volume 42
Volume 16 Volume 43
Volume 19 Volume 44
Volume 20 Volume 45
Volume 21 Volume 46
Volume 22 Volume 47
Volume 23 Volume 48
Volume 24 Volume 49
Volume 25 Volume 50
Volume 26 Volume 51
Volume 27 Volume 52

The index to search the location of filed documents is available for viewing Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) by appointment only at:

Office of the Commissioner of Railroads
Public Service Commission building
610 N Whitney Way, Rm 110
Madison, WI 53705

You may contact us by calling the office at 608-261-8221


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